Ways To Make Quick Cash

Free Guide: Ways To Make Quick Cash With Side Gigs

Temporary and flexible jobs with independent contractors and freelancers are rising in the gig economy year after year. By 2025, 50% of workers could be freelancing and working remotely. Get the free guide on Ways to Make Quick Cash with side gigs below.

A study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40% of all American workers would be independent contractors. According to staffing company Randstad, if you add up all contingent workers, freelancers, independent contractors and consultants, this is about 20 to 30% in Canada. 

Freelancers in the gig economy will need to “cobble together a living” from temping, home services, art products to direct sales and more. There are two requirements for our list: these side gigs must be ways to make quick cash and have online platforms with large audiences.

These all follow a proven system where others have already blazed trails. These can be side gigs on top of your main job or main contract to help you make extra income.

Examples: Ways to Make Quick Cash With Side Gigs

  1. User Tester – 20 Minute Video Testing Per Site To Get Paid $10
  2. Service Provider – Cleaner, Handyman, Social Events From $20 to $50
  3. Creator / Artist – Film, Video to Emerging Art Market From $100
  4. Direct Sales Rep – Instant Pay 100% Commissions Via PayPal

Bonus Networking Resources – 100 Facebook Groups for Consulting, Coaching, Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing – 100s of new work from home or side gigs posted daily!

Example #4: Instant Pay 100% Commissions Via PayPal Side Gig

Looking for a super-easy way to make money online? Instant Pay 100% Commissions is attractive for both newbies to learn and more advanced online marketers to create buyer leads. Great for anyone who needs instant pay. No waiting weeks or month to get paid.

The group training provides bootstrapping strategies that are transferrable:

  • First, the focus is on revenue and the faster it is generated the better it is.
  • Second, the concept is lean with a minimum viable product for customers.
  • It takes advantage of free social media, online classified ads and local events.
  • It keeps expenses low by working from home and using free technology tools.

Start Part-Time. No Monthly Fees. Direct Sales Business. You Get 100% Commissions. Digital Product Training. Access Facebook Group Coaching. Get Paid Instantly to Your PayPal.


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